Drug, Alcohol & Nicotine Free Human Saliva

Human saliva native with no drugs, no alcohol, no nicotine, no cotinine etc.


5 mL $115
10 mL  $195
50 mL $300
100 mL $450
500 mL $1,500
1L $2,800
Product Description
TestSpecificationsUnit Of MesasureMethodology
d-methamphetamineNone DetectedGCMS
d,1-amphetamineNone DetectedGCMS
AmobarbitalNone DetectedGCMS
ButalbitalNone DetectedGCMS
PhenobarbitalNone DetectedGCMS
PentobarbitalNone DetectedGCMS
SecobarbitalNone DetectedGCMS
CodeineNone DetectedGCMS
ProxypheneNone DetectedGCMS
NordiazepamNone DetectedGCMS
Delta-9-THCNone DetectedGCMS
Delta-9-THC-COOHNone DetectedGCMS
BenzoylecgonineNone DetectedGCMS
MethadoneNone DetectedGCMS
MethaqualoneNone DetectedGCMS
MorphineNone DetectedGCMS
Morphine-β-d-glucuronideNone DetectedGCMS
PhencyclindineNone DetectedGCMS
EDDPNone DetectedGCMS
NitrazepamNone DetectedGCMS
MDMANone DetectedGCMS
6-Mono-AcetylmorphineNone DetectedGCMS
OxazepamNone DetectedGCMS
EthanolNone DetectedGCMS
AmphetaminesNo Interfering SubstancesSyva EMIT
BenzodiazepinesNo Interfering SubstancesSyva EMIT
BenzoylecgonineNo Interfering SubstancesSyva EMIT
BarbitutatesNo Interfering SubstancesSyva EMIT
CannabinoidsNo Interfering SubstancesSyva EMIT
OpiatesNo Interfering SubstancesSyva EMIT
MethadoneNo Interfering SubstancesSyva EMIT
MethaqualoneNo Interfering SubstancesSyva EMIT
PhencyclidineNo Interfering SubstancesSyva EMIT
PropoxypheneNo Interfering SubstancesSyva EMIT
EthanolNo Interfering SubstancesSyva EMIT
Catalog Number:OH1060-DF
Storage: -20 °C or colder
Filtration:0.1 µm
SourceHuman Saliva
Country of originUSA
Country of manufactureUSA


Donors of this material were tested and found negative for HIV 1/2, HBsAg, HCV, HIV-1 (NAT), HCV (NAT) and RPR by FDA Approved Methods.


Products are intended for research or manufacturing of non-injectable products only.

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