Human Serum From Defibrinated Plasma Double Charcoal Stripped Delipidized


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100 mL $280
500 mL $420
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Product Description
TestSpecificationsUnit Of MesasureMethodology
Total Protein5.0 - 6.5g/dLBiuret
Glucose65 - 105mg/dLHexokinase
Sodium131 - 151mmol/LISE
Potassium3.5 - 5.5mmol/LISE
Chloride85 - 108mmol/LISE
Calcium5.0 -10.0mg/dLArsenazo II
B.U.N.7 - 14mg/dLBerthelot
Creatinine0.7 - 1.4mg/dLJaffe
Uric Acid2.5 - 4.5mg/dLUricase/Trinder
Phosphorus3.0 - 4.0mg/dLPhosphomolybdate
Catalog Number:SP1070
Storage: -20 °C or colder
Filtration:0.2 µm
Source:Human serum converted from plasma
Country of Manufacture:USA
Country of Origin:USA


Each unit of plasma used in the preparation of this material was tested and found negative for HIV 1/2, HBsAg, HCV, HIV-1 (NAT), HCV (NAT) and RPR by FDA Approved Methods.


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